(Great) Music at Museo Enzo Ferrari

(Great) things can happen at Cersaie.
Fun indeed to work for a few days as art director at Museo Ferrari. I had the legendary duo Loudtone playing an incredible ambient/electro/disco set in a surreal setting, among mechanical legs, hi-tech food and drinks, lysergic lights. They are friends and djs Umberto Saba and David Love Calò, who learned the art in the 90s in historic Italian clubs such as Cocorico (Rimini) and Tenax (Florence). While David was djing in chill-out private rooms – like Cocorico’s Morphine making it legendary after his passage – Umberto was at the Italian Jazz Academy mastering the saxophone and experimenting music with computers and synthesizers

This event was powered by Giovanni Rossi Studio, IKOS, FAB Architectural Bureau, Bibendum.


DATE5th ottobre, 2017