MDW19 – Laboratorio Paravicini

Seventy-two ceramic dishes video-mapped with music, a mesmerising experience in the beautiful setting of Laboratorio Paravicini, Milan.

For this project I’ve released a track called “Back at Night” in cooperation with Studio Gong, a mix of hazy atmosphere, cinema chorus, jungle screams and house beats, all apparently random. The final result is a perfect marriage of musical modern antique and a vision of what the future sound can be in an original context. We got a lot of positive feedback from the visitors of the installation of  5 Vie, all impressed by the harmony between the past and a constantly changing present.

I engaed in a live/dj set as well, moving through music catalogues: from ambient to sounding, from creation of improvised patterns to the classics, everything that shaped almost twenty years of my work as curator and sound designer.

DATE15th aprile, 2019