“Night Movie” On Tour

Night Movie is my beloved project about Cinema and Soundtracks. It consists of cutting films of different movies “di genere”, reassembling the cuts into a new edit that creates a whole new short movie in itself and add fresh music as a background for every scene.
Night Movie moves from horror & sci-fi to 80’s college movies to Blade Runner, Twin Peaks and even to Christmas movies. Everything seems disconnected (and probably is) and the surreal use of music gives the final uncanny effect.
I had the privilege to tour with Night Movie in three peculiar places: Labirinto della Masone (Parma), Cortili di Ago (Modena) and the legendary Dadà Theatre for the 2019 Outer Festival. Sax and flute player Luca Cacciatore and Videomaker Cinzia Ascari were beside me on stage.

Here some photos and links for you


polpetta mag

beat to be


DATE30th settembre, 2019